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Siachen Soldier Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Slips Into Deeper Coma Says Army

New Delhi:  Four days after he was discovered alive in what has been described as a miraculous rescue from Siachen, the condition of Lance Naik Hanamanthappa has worsened, said a statement from the army.

The 33-year-old's pneumonia has worsened and he has slipped into a deeper coma, the statement said about the braveheart who spent six days buried alive under 25 feet of ice at the glacier after an avalanche came crashing down on the military post at Sonam.

Lance Naik Hanamanthappa was found in the fibre-reinforced hut, with the bodies of nine soldiers from his regiment lying next to him.

He was then flown to the military hospital in Delhi where Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited him, saying he brought "prayers from the entire nation."

Rescue workers endured grueling conditions for a courageous and tireless effort to find the 10 soldiers who went missing after the massive avalanche ripped over the post located at 19,600 feet on the glacier, known for its unforgiving environment.

The soldiers had been declared dead by the army and the government, partly why the discovery of Lance Naik Hanamanthappa, who survived in an air pocket created under the ice, was dubbed "the Siachen miracle."

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Date : 11-02-2016 12:52:59